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The Belisle Selectif is the new trap model concerning restraining traps of Belisle Enterprise Company Inc.

That´s  the same principle of stepping trap, consisting of a metal body and an snare, which is who really holds the animal , once the metal mechanism is got off of the leg of the captured animal . But this trap has a feature , It´s not activated by the stepping of the species , but rather in their quest to harness the innate behavior of canines , has succeeded in developing a scratching activation system , so that when the canine finds buried bait inside the trap , started to scratch to achieve access it , and in one of those scratches, pull the ring ( activation system ) , triggering the trap and being caught in it.

Their placement is very simple, just set up the trap, place the bait inside the trigger mechanism hole, and cover it with leaves, in fact that allows the odor to escape from them , but not to see the bait ; the canine , curious and alert of the smell emanating from inside the hole , start digging , promoting the action described above. You just have to take a little care to cover the lateral spaces where you put the trap, to prevent scratching in the wrong direction, since the trap is activated only in one direction. Once we have the flanks covered, we are confident that the animal will approach properly to achieve its capture.

The ideal bait to use is definitely the pork liver, and we can also use a few bits around the trap, so that the animal can gain confidence and more easily aware of the presence of the “succulent meal “in the vicinity of its way.

In hot countries and areas where It could be required to trap in summer , it is advisable to use ham fat or lard ( in substitution of the liver) . Fat , unlike the liver, not dry in summer under hot, and it´s still wet oil itself , so that its attractiveness is much more effective than the liver, which in just a couple of hours is dry and doesn’t have  power Attraction .

This trap, certified according to the standards of international agreements, is especially used to catch foxes, though recently demonstrated in different test to become effective also for coyote and golden jackals.

Next chapters we will see with details how to set the trap correctly.


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