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My name is Ken, I trap feral dogs in Queensland Australia, mainly trap in the western down region shire.

The shire is 38.039km square. We have the dingo barrier fence in the shire starts at Jimbour in Qld finish at Mundarroo in south Australia total length is 3.488ml. Plenty dog on both side the fence. A lot of the dogs I trap are cross bred, not pure dingo these dogs are a lot bigger than the dingo they real killing machine these cross.

Breed can breed twice a year in good conditions were the pure dingo once year they normally cycle in March, April.

The cross breed come on around this time year. This when I you get calls wild dogs coming in killing work dogs on the chain.

Cross breed male went 25kg in top photo. I started out traping as a kid catching rabbits for the table, using the lanes rabbit trap back than we get so much money for the fur we make a frame out wire stretch them over. Once dry we take them off put in pile, get so much kg for them. Back than there was a good market for fox too. Never market for dingo hide just so much a scalp traps.

I started out using were either lanes or game keeper traps for dingo(long spring traps) I run my old game keeper traps still in Qld we are still aloud steel jaw trap. I also run jake traps, I like these traps plus the mb 650, I’ve been trying out the bridge num 3 with the paws trip pan. In my photos you will notice I got dogs with me, they are pure breed kelpie, I use dogs all the time very valuable to us on trap line. Breed dog go all day firing a line up for you, dogs are used to show me were the the wild dogs have been.

Plus dogs are used to scent dogs out once caught. All my traps are run with 3 pound pressure on the plate before they will fire.

All traps are on drags at least 8ft chain and a cutting edge of a grader cut about 400ml long weld a chain link to the middle them. I attach D bolt through my chain on to drag I run ad least 3 swivel plus spring set up on trap chain like the dogs to get right away from trap site. I use my dogs to scent out my dog’s I catch. When I first get to a area were i’m going to trap, I run my dogs along the tracks, Creeks ridges.

Saddles, cattle tracks. Dams,troughs you soon no if dogs been about by the way your dog react. By watching my dogs and how they approach.

Tuffs grass , bushes, dirt clumps, rocks, timber pushed up. Dogs soon let you know were to trap. Sometimes, when you run your dogs, you don’t get much of a response. These area I come back give it 3,4 day bring your dog back along doesn’t take long for a response(I call it lighting the track up dogs go nuts). Location to me means every thing when your traping, to me you can have area that looks good for dog just because it looks ideal, I won’t set unless there good sign.

This what happens when your on location you have tight chains dogs to scalp, sometimes it might takes me 3-4 days.

To do my homeworks before I set traps but it pays off in long run. You got to be able reading the sign if it there don’t be frighten. Put multiple sets in. I find it pays to think out side the box a bite. I use alot blind set, flat sets, dirt hole sets, set back away from water points or carcasses. When I go to set trap, I watch my dogs how they work clump crass or bush what ever wild dog marked watch there feet soon tell you were to put  trap to me there’s no rush to set a trap, I won’t that trap put in properly don’t won’t any movement.

At all got be tight in the ground my traps all set with foam under the plate, now this were I do think different to most trappers we use paddock horse manure dried out put across my dirt  sive it comes up quit fluffy this goes in side the jaws, over the plate.

Than I sive enough dirt over the top to blend the horse manure in i find my traps can go through alot different weather, handel alot rain still fire.

Don’t have to worry about fired traps after heavy rain. I don’t use stable manure as it can get smell to it. When it comes to lures over her I make my own I keep all the glands out dogs let taint in jar when they get to were I like it, I use salt to fix it.  I also use wild dog urine plus my own dog’s urine. Also collect wild dog skat from one area take to another area freshen it up with couple drops dog urine. I don’t go made with lure at a trap sight. Less is more to me, dogs got real good scenes off smell I think a lot people use too much dog can read from a distance don’t work your set.

Another thing, night time wind direction means alot to when you’re trapping. Over her I trap a lot mountain country find night time wind can be all over the shop. So this what I do and catch went up alot , I made pee dirt up. Carry jar with you and spone when my dogs take a leak stand back let soak in to ground than use sponepick up put in jar use it at trap site pull your dog in, don’t go over board just few grains dirt goes along way. You can also do this with fox , cat urine I find it’s valuable in the lure box. So if you got change in weather, you got this up your sleeve. I use it  alot to pull dogs of game pads, cattle pads as I only want catch dogs not cow or roo. Over her when you scalp your dog you take a strip from tip the nose to tip tail. I salt hide down than I use staple gun stretch them out to dry, find it quick with the staple gun, no more black nails. Once dry, I pull staple out with pliers comes out good to get them ready to take in you get paper work from your shire council to fill out, you got put how many female, male and pups you got than you got get cocky to fill out his side with property details on it. And sign it by both partys. Now if you are in western down shire you get hundred five dollars if you are in the baiting program. If you are not in the baiting program it’s fifty dollars. I get alot the properties to bait at least month before I get there to.

Was quite dry at the time, only watering point for some distance, killing stock when they come for a drink.



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