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One of the Nation’s Best Nuisance Wildlife Trappers:
Anthony “Flash” Wilcox
by: Chris A. Berson (Staff Writer)

     Anthony “Flash” Wilcox is a nuisance trapper in the State of Kentucky.  Unlike most nuisance trappers who deal primarily with residential work or urban commercial work, Mr. Wilcox does much of his work where others will not or can not go.  He does not do residential work.  Many of the locations he traps can be up to twenty miles from the nearest road and others are very exclusive.  Mr. Wilcox’s expert work is in such a demand that he can be booked up to a year in advance.

     One of Mr. Wilcox’s clients is the oil/coal industry.  The industry has to create sludge ponds on their properties to hold coal and oil mining waste.  Five months out of the year, it is Mr. Wilcox’s job to remove beavers from these ponds and surrounding areas to prevent their destruction and creating unwanted runoff.  To arrive at these areas involves the use of commercial atv’s and requires commercial grade equipment, which the average nuisance trapper just does not possess.  An average day on the beaver line can involve checking around 200 beaver sets.  While Mr. Wilcox mostly uses snares to get the job done, various types of traps are used, as every situation is different.  

     As most know, Kentucky is the home to the most famous horse race in the U.S., the Kentucky Derby.  Naturally, there are many horse ranches and stud farms located throughout the state.  These ranches are very particular as to who they allow to handle the nuisance trapping on their properties.  One small error and horses that can be worth in the millions of dollars could be injured, and possibly need to be put down.  Mr. Wilcox is one of the Kentucky horse industry’s trusted few.  Some of Mr. Wilcox’s clients manage horses that are owned by Presidents and Middle Eastern Princes.

     At the horse ranches and stud farms Mr. Wilcox has been able to trap land that hasn’t been trapped in generations in many cases.  This has led to mass amounts of catches in some locations.  These ranchers will not let just anyone on their properties, for neither nuisance work or fur trapping.  The purpose of hiring Mr. Wilcox to trap these lands is to reduce and eliminate diseases that can and have transfered from wildlife to the horses.  During his time at the ranches, Mr. Wilcox has been instrumental in identifying a cause of a disease that was affecting many horses.  In one case he worked with a University to identify the cause of the disease and through trapping techniques stopped the cross species transfer, saving many horses lives.

     Throughout the year Mr. Wilcox traps a variety of species.  In an average year he can remove around 2,500 nuisance animals.  Anthony “Flash” Wilcox is one of the United State’s best nuisance trappers. He got there through hard work, a good reputation, and the know how. 


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