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The Newest Trapping School in the U.S.

by Chris A. Berson

 When a prospective trapper wants to enter the field of trapping where does one start?  If they are fortunate enough to reside in a state that has a mandatory class, they attend and learn the basics.  Many are left to teach themselves or find a mentor who will help them get started.  But what if one wants to fine tune their skills and learn more about land management and ADC trapping?  In the United States a new school is about to open to teach just that very area: Trapping Academy.

Currently, trappers looking to advance their skills only have a few choices, as far as schooling goes.  Beyond short seminars and demonstrations at trapping association conventions and meetings there are only a few schools.  The most notable of these schools is the Fur Takers of America’s Trapper’s College.  Trapper’s College is about a week long and and held once a year allowing only about 50 students.  This $1200 course that includes room and board teaches at various skill levels and covers everything from biology to baits/lures to skinning to modifications.  Trapping Academy differs in many ways from the Trapper’s College’s general education format.  Trapping Academy can be better compared to the Texas Predator School.


Trapping Academy will be focusing in a few areas.  One of these areas will be its Predator Trapping Academy.  This course is designed to teach its students the skills needed to successfully manage a property to sustain healthy deer and turkey populations, as well as other game.  The course will teach pre-planning, making sets for a best catch percentage, how to layout a property, trap modifications, baits/lures to use, as well as record keeping that can be used to show land owners what is to be and has been done and to what effect.


The course, the first of which will be in October of this year, includes room and board during the three to four day period.  In 2015 it will expand to two schools per year.  No trapping or hunting license will be required as sets will be non-firing and will use trail cameras to show activity at the sets.  This camera use will keep costs down for the students.  At the end of the course each trapper will be given a property and must demonstrate as to how the land will be managed including determining deer population, record keeping, layout, and creating a final report.  Students will not be just trapppers, they will essentially be land managers.

Trapping Academy will be more than just a predator class as it grows.  A second type of class will be added to Trapping Academy in 2015, Beaver Management.  The academy will also be engaged in Lure Testing.  Other types of training will be available on request.

Trapping Academy differs from other schools in various ways.  One is that it is cheaper than most other schools.  It will also be a few days shorter than most and centered around the weekends.  This is a positive in that it allows one to not miss too much work at their daily jobs.  It is geared to provide a specialized training in a short period of time.


Trapping Academy is the newest school to open.  Others have come and gone.  Few have stood the test of time.  Trapping Academy appears to have the right idea and a good cirriculum taught by a knowledgeable staff that may include guest instructors.  Time will tell if this will be the beginning of a new era in trapping education.  Their website says it best: ” A solid reputation is what we demand. If a land owner employs one of our students, we want them to be impressed.  We want you to be the absolute ELITE in your occupation, to STAND OUT as being different.  We don’t give our certifications, you earn them and they mean something.”

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