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By Allan Minear,

I still cut some 1/4″ round stock which when I’m done will be turned into snare sapports for coyote , bobcat or in some cases raccoons they could work for our wolves if we could use snares on them also but our fish and game department won’t allow them yet .
I weld 20″ of 12 gauge wire to what will be the top and heat and hammer flat the other so when it’s placed in the ground it isn’t going to spin in the wind or if a big game animal walks past the snare set .
These aren’t something I thought up but they certainly open up many more spots to hang a snare in .
The snares I make and sell the most of are a wedge lock with either a 20 or 50 pound tension spring and a ferrel for a break away in case a deer or antelope walk by so if there get caught they can get away .
My favorite cable diameter is 5/64 th 7×7 Galvinized aircraft cable for these predators it’s strong and the snare locks close very quickly and no matter the weight of the spring they go down very quickly and humanly due to the blood flow shut down to the brain and no oxygen getting to the lungs .
Intanglement isn’t as important when wedge locks are used and refusals are a minimum .
With that said I’ve caught coyotes that didn’t return to a trail I had snares on for upwards of a month and other coyotes as quick as a week depending on weather patterns mainly snow .
On the snares I make for sale I don’t install swivels as they are only going to work until your catch wraps around brush or a tree . What I do in place of a swivel is a double ferrel and a small loop for a tie off end . Also I install a collar to use for either the wire of a snare sapport or tie wire wrapped on a tree branch or barbed wire for the fence in some cases woven wire . However I rather tie off to fence posts that are solid .
I hope this helps and wasn’t boring for you as this is a brief over lay of what I really like about snaring predators and why in many cases why I’d rather use them instead of foot hold traps . Both are important tools for predator control and trapping in general .

Keith Gregerson is supporting his designed snare to catch wolf or hog. ( main picture of the page) .

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