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Xbrand Outdoors And The Xpans

By: Chris A. Berson

Xbrand Outdoors has entered the trapping products arena this year with their oversized trap pans, which they call Xpans.  Many trappers have seen pictures of these oversized pans, which occupy most of the space between the trap jaws, but beyond a picture not much else is known to most.  I had a chance to talk with the owner of Xbrand Outdoors, Jeff Lees, to discuss his new company and the Xpans.

Oversized pans are not new to the trapping industry and have been around for decades.  In fact, Jeff Lees had been using them for years before he even started Xbrand Outdoors.  He had been making them by hand with his own tools in his garage at his home in Illinois.  Soon, others were asking him about them and asking if he could make some for them.  As word spread and the demand was realized, in March 2014, Xbrand Outdoors was born.

Now made at his local laser cutting shop instead of his garage, Xpans are of made using U.S. Steel.  They are versatile and can be made to fit a variety of traps brands and sizes.  Xpans can be added to your traps in a few ways from welding them on to drilling and bolting them on.  The Xpans are so strong that Jeff Lees says they will probably outlast your traps.  One thing that Lees says that one must do after installing the Xpans is to make sure the pan tension is readjusted.

There are critics of the Xpans.  Some of those who have claimed to dislike Xpans say that they do not get the target’s paw dead center in the trap resulting in toe catches and pullouts.  Jeff Lees says that many of these critics have not even tried using the Xpans.  In his first year of using the Xpans, Mr. Lees saw a 37-40% increase in his catch ratio.  But Jeff Lees does not try to convince others that they are a great trap modification, he simply says, “Try Them”.

With the excitement and demand for Xpans by Xbrand Outdoors others will soon be following with their own versions.  For now, Xbrand Outdoors has the market cornered.  Xpans can be a great assett by increasing the catch rates for many species, especially Mink.  To get your Xpans go to www.Xbrandoutdoors.com or find Xbrand Outdoors at your local conventions and events.

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