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By Albert Roura.

Here you go. The new and advanced leghold traps are now avalaible for everybody in the market. Rudy Red Wolf 4 1/2, Live Stock protection, Alaskan nº 5 are some examples concerning this new trap´s generation which respects animal welfare and allows to continuing our favourite activity.

All these models are really good traps, concived to catch canines , specially wolves and coyotes in USA and Canada, even other species in the future in other parts of the earth ( large carnivore predators, why not ?).

If we stop to see the differences between all these trap models, we can see that they are made in different materials, and they have different sizes and weight, but the final work is always the same: to catch and restrains the target species in the best conditions avoiding to generate several and grave injuries on their legs.

If we start to analize each trap per separate , we can know different ways and parts to memorize.

Rudy Red Wolf 4 1/2 :  That´s a big canadian trap , from Loys company ( quebec , canada) , made in plastic. The traps has reached the Humane Trapping Standard concerning wolf and coyote as a target species. Made in a kind of plastic material ( not heavy and ressistant), it will not became frost and it doesn´t save any scent on the trap. The opened trap´s size is 7 ` and 1/2 by 6`1/4 inside the trap. The jaws could be changed even other trap´s pieces.  That´s a dogless trap, and the trigger has 2 points to be placed. The pan tension can be ajustable. The weight of the trap is 450 grs so that´s a good trap easy to set and easy to use on the field.

Livestock Protection: According to Phillips et al. 1996, “Some level of edematous swelling was noted on nearly all the legs (95%) with no apparent difference among trap types [see excerpt from table right]. Lacerations were observed in 87% of the legs from unpadded Sterling and Northwoods traps while only 31% of the coyotes captured in EZ Grip padded traps received cuts. A higher frequency of more serious injuries such as joint luxations, major periosteal abrasions, bone fractures, and amputations were noted in the 2 unpadded traps (Table 1). Major periosteal abrasions were observed in 39% and 26% of the legs from laminated Northwoods and Sterling MJ600 traps, respectively. In comparison, only 2% of the legs trapped in EZ Grip traps showed major periosteal abrasions.”

“The Reduced number of injuries for coyotes captured in padded EZ Grip® traps confirmed the findings of earlier studies (Olsen et al. 1986, Linhart et al. 1988, Onderka et al. 1990). Even though the EZ Grip padded trap was much larger and stronger than the No. 3 Victor Soft Catch, injury patterns we observed appeared to be similar for the 2 traps.”

#5 alaskan: Certified for wolves , This trap has 1/4-inch rod laminated on jaw, 4 heavy duty mainsprings, springpin based, wolf swivel, 12 inches of 5mm straight link chain, excellent for weather conditions in Alaska or Canada. Big 8-inch jaw spread is great for wolf and mountain lion.

Make your choice and go to try .

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