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By Albert Roura (Spain).

Today , I have started my day getting a link of a video in YouTube. It was awesome, and It has me wonder what I can support , as a profesional trapper, fur farming or wild fur.

That´s my obligation to be clever concerning this kind of tips, because of the sensibilities in both sectors.

I can understund and I support that fur clothing is more ecological than artificial dressing , a cause of the process generates to build them . Plastics, Petrol derivates and other products are mixed to get the most modern jackets and clothes to practice outdoor´s activities.  On the other hand  that´s clear If we use fur , fur is nature , fur is green , and If the jackets or other coats or products are broken , or simply we ´d like to remove , to trash, It means that product will not créate pollution and nothing similar a cause It comes from the nature directly. So that ´s like  when an animal dies in the middle of the nature ,  the earth will be able to get it disapear without any indrustrial or chemical process.

However, fur farming I think it´s also needed to cover demand from the market , a cause of we don´t have really all the wildlife available to cover It. In Denmark´s farm , also canadian´s , USA and Northen EU, fur farming have the ethicla codes to be accomplished. They kill animals ( minks , foxes, etc ) under ethical and humane ways , so that´s a kind of meat farming, or more ethical in killing timming terms. However , China produces more tan 60% of the fur coming from farms, and their ways to sacrify animals in the farms, watched through the video and getting other “  impartial ” opinions, It´s clear that they don´t respect animal welfare´. So , How could I support that ? I think It´s not posible for me to support these images which have concerned me.

Here you go , the debat is open : I´m a profesional trapper. I believe that Trapping is a management wildlife tool, to maintain populations under adecuate level, to use in urban áreas, to use a a recreational way, to use like I living way ( fur selling) , to control Invasive Allien Species, to use… I have found a lot of ways where trapping is necessary , including profiting fur whatever the way you are using it, so It´s clear I have to support trapping.

I was wondering If , all fur farming carry out the activity like Denmark or other modern fur farms, I can not find any problem to be favourable to these practices, sure.

But finally , I think trapping for fur is almost well done , It´s also a management practice, and when doing benefits to nature and wildlife populations, trapping is giving some $ to trappers to maintain the activity. That´s one opinión , there are more tan mine , but I can not support Fur coming from countries which don´t respect animal welfare , which don´t respect the life , nature and their creatures, and I can not support the images I watched in certains documentaries. The best way I found to continuning our activity is : being strict between ourselves , we will be able to defend with arguments the activty , and we will defend the wild fur . I say YES to wild fur .

Personal opinion of : Albert Roura Simó / Without representing any organisation within these lines.



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