TRAINNING DAY – Ronnie Vincent

by Albert Roura / Domingo, 21 septiembre 2014 / Published in TRAINING COURSES

TRAINNING DAY – Ronnie Vincent

“We had 51 show up with trapping on their   Mind  we gave a way 4 doz traps today and  over 60 bottles of lure and urine. Trying to keep our kids trapping the rest of their lives.”

Saturday 20 September has been carried out a training trapping day. The most important and beautiful to our eyes is looking at childs interested about trapping. We need to safe trapping , and we need to have childs who will become men and women interested for wildlife management and trapping as a management tool.

So the rest of countries and entities we need to learn from these guys in order to carry out this kind of exhibitions like in northamerica they are giving away .

Opinion: redactor.


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