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Imprescindible herramienta para guardar la localización de tus trampas, para gestionar los datos e informes que deberás entregar a la autoridad competente en la materia. Mandar informe en tiempo real a tu supervisor de tus capturas, registrando posición gps , hora , fecha y todo lo necesario para ejecutar la actividad de forma tranquila y responsable. No necesita cobertura de teléfono ni tan siquiera 3G  para guardar los datos y poder ordenarlos una vez ten cobertura 3G o bien conexión a internet.  Además , podrás enviar un email con la fotografía de tu captura georreferenciada con la hora de la revisión, a tu supervisor.

Trapping tool needed to save all your traplines, reports and all kind of information about your trapline. It could be sent to your competent authority in order to get more confiance between both parts. Waypoint, place, hour and day and all you need to send a complet report to practice your activity quietly and responsibly. We are modernizing our favourite outdoors activity ¡

it doesn´t need cellphone coverage or internet conexion to save all your trapping report. It will be s…aved and organised once you get internet conexion. Even you can send to your supervisor an email with a picture of your catch , with position and time saved.

Tool which allows to improve confiance between trapper and administration. We also have the option ” how to get” , to find our traps. We have the maps with a real positioning trapline , and once we save all the trap line , we can create another different chosing the trapping device. Finally , the option to send a PDF with your complet report , historically , of all your trapline, to your email, so you will save and send to your competent authority also the report. the most interesting thing to do is once you have created a trap, next day you may make a checking option to save all kind of details about your adventures, and , if you are not close to the trap you will never be able to create this checking , so , if you would like to control your employees now you can ¡ that´s amazing and a complet trappping application


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