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PIGEC – Trapping Canids course expertise

I have been lucky to assist to PIGEC trapping course in Trois Rivieres, Quebec, last June.

It was a course I have wanted to take for a long time ago, because canids trapping have been always a secret, my passion and the goal of my life.

The course was carried out in a couple of days and expedited by Quebec´s Trappers Federation ( FTGQ). First day was based to know some of the biology of these animals, how to find places to trap them. Later, same day, the demo of the different traps which could be used to catch the wild dogs was exciting, really we can have good possibilities to choose during our trapping days, depending on the trap-line situation, technics to be used, etc. In the first day afternoon, we have learnt how to build snares, different kind of them. So we have passed a good day, separated by groups, and smiling how to improve our trapping success on the field. Don´t forget, canids are the more suspicious animals to trap, so we have to learn and improve always our technics from the best trappers and especially from canid´s trappers.

Second day was amazing. The day started to know how to set leg hold traps and restrains traps, different technics as dirt hole set, scat technic, three holes, etc. Each one of us we have set the traps using different technics, also the snares built last day. The instructor has evaluated and corrected each one of us, and it was amazing to know how everyone used different ways to set the traps.

In the afternoon, the magic world of the lures was started. There are a lot of them, built from different species, glands, oils, etc. It was exciting to know how different the lure´s world is across the ocean. I have learnt a lot of them. I have now started to build and test different of them, we will see if the same species (here we have wolf and red fox) are attracted by the same products.

The one of the best training course I have ever taken. Also the amiability of Mr. Gaetan Fournier et la FTGQ to leave me to take it. I think it´s a gentle gest from his side. Many thanks.

Really professional and useful for catching canids in the wild.

Albert Roura

President of Spanish Trapper´s Association.

President of Union of European Trapper´s Associations.

Redactor of : www.ittm.info


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