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Current trapping regulation in Norway:

Species could be trapped:

       Within the limitations of hunting season, hunting hours and challenge period, it`s allowed the capture of these wild species: beaver, muskrat, beaver rat, badger, marten, american mink, weasel, wolverine, lynx, red fox, raccoon dog, raven, crow, magpie, black-backed gull, herring gull, grouse and ptarmigan by rules of § 31 to § 36.

0 Modifications by Regulations of March 14, 2006 # 304 (from 1 April 2006), May 16, 2012 No. 433.

§ 31 fixed methods to be used:

a) The following live capture traps are allowed:

- Boxes to badgers, foxes and raccoon dog of type of Värmland tunnel trap, Smålandian fox traps, Nyåkersfellen and Baltic-Malmafellen or other designed and which works in similar way. Such booths shall be inside the traps fangstrom including trapdoors and have to be covered by a comprehensive solid material but not metal.

- Wolverine and lynx trapping as county governor has give away the permission for individual cubicle. Baas building, location and frequency of supervision of the trap are required for the application.

- Fangstbur trap to badgers, american mink, weasel, raccoon dog, raven, crow, magpie, black-backed gulls and herring gulls.

b) The following killing traps are allowed:

- Body Grip trap to raccoon dog, beaver, marten, American mink, muskrat, beaver rat and weasel.

- Trapdoor, flakes and falls stick to marten, American mink and weasel.

- Snares to capercaille and ptarmigan.

       Body grip, trapdoor, flakes and falls stick must have enough power to kill animal once caught immediately.

       Impact traps to catch marten and american minks have to have an impact mechanism that turns from up to down to the animal’s skull / neck, or as a legal battle turns against the animal’s skull / neck.

0 Amended by regulations September 1, 2005 No 960, March 14, 2006 # 304 (from 1 April 2006), May 16, 2012 No. 433

§ 32 Use of the traps:

       Trapping methods will not be set in areas where could be dangerous for public or pets. It is not allowed to use live bait in the traps. Killing traps to catch beaver, muskrat and beaver rat should always be placed under the water.

       Trappers should place traps only where target species could be caught, see § 31.

§ 33 Mandatory marks and notification.

       Traps must be marked with the user’s name and address and any phone number. This requirement it´s not applied on grouse snares.

      Stroke trap area to catch raccoon dog has to be advertised through posters which announces the trapping site, so the danger for public and pets. Catch items which are not classified and labeled in accordance with these provisions may be immediately removed by the landowner, police authority or public authority inspectorate.

0 Amended May 16, 2012 No. 433

§ 34 Requirements for supervision of the trap line:

       Use of traps is obliged to be supervised the at least once per day. Trapping of american mink, lynx and wolverine should be inspected at least every morning and evening. Trapper is obliged to release and avoid catches of protected species.

       Use of killing traps, duties overseeing hunting implement at least once every week. The person using snares to catch grouse is obliged to keep regular inspections of snares at least each two days.

§ 35 sacrifice of species captured:

       Trappers have to sacrifice immediately caught in the traps. They have to kill safety and quickly without suffering all captures.

       For killing lynx, wolverines, foxes, badgers and american mink which have been trapped in cubicle or fangstbur rifle can be used, revolver or pistol in 22 caliber.

0 Amended March 14, 2006 # 304 (from 1 April 2006).

§ 36 Notification to the municipality

       Trapper has to inform the municipality about kind of traps, location and the name of the responsible within ten days before trapping season begins. The notification requirement does not apply in trapping season to lynx and wolverine, when the county governor has granted permission for individual cubicle, see § 31 paragraph a.

       The trapping of grouse, has to be noticed by written to the municipality within ten days before the hunt begins. The notification shall provide information about the user’s name, address, hunting areas and hunting period. No later than ten days after the end of the hunting season for grouse in the municipality, the user shall, in the prescribed form to report catching results.

0 Amended by regulations September 1, 2005 No 960, March 14, 2006 # 304 (from 1 April 2006).

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