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The WCS Tube Trap, as the name implies is tube shaped with dimensions of 38 cm by 11.5 cm in diameter. This lethal trap was originally designed in the 1980’s to capture mink, but is equally effective (and hugely popular in the US and UK) for squirrels.  It’s powered by a strong double torsion spring and the parts are all precision laser cut. The international model is electro-plated for rust resistance. This unique and effective trap can be set in any position and used either baited or un-baited because the shape of trap itself is an attractant, especially to squirrels.


Also available are “Tube Trap Cap” accessories which can be used to 1) hold bait in one end of the tube, 2) restrict entry to one end of the tube, or 3) to narrow the opening for either safety or to avoid non-target catches.


The WCS Tube Trap is manufactured exclusively for Wildlife Control Supplies ( and is available worldwide direct or through a limited number of distributors.

Alan Huot : President of Wildlife Control Supplies

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